To give some background to our six video blogs.

Last October 2018 the ‘Edinburgh Finance Declaration – Shared Values Framework for Ethical Finance’ was launched at the Ethical Finance Conference. The Declaration mentions core values shared by the Abrahamic Faiths which have shaped this ethical framework for a more equitable future for all brothers and sisters in humanity. The values listed are Stewardship, Love of the Neighbour, Human Flourishing, Sustainability, Purposefulness, Justice & Equity and Common Good.

To coincide with this year’s Ethical Finance Conference in October 2019 some of the chaplains from the Canary Wharf Multifaith Chaplaincy team have produce a series of short conversations on each of the six values mention in the Edinburgh Finance Declaration. We bring a perspective from Moshe Freedman, Ibrahim Mogra and Fiona Stewart-Darling. This video blogs are not intended to be comprehensive but just a series of brief thoughts around each value really conversation starters.

The first of these is Stewardship. The stewardship of human beings on earth is the principle value upon which Abrahamic Faiths base their understanding of an ethical economy.

Listen into the chaplains’ conversation.