Recently we initiated an interesting discussion around the theme of ‘The impact of Artificial intelligence on corporate leadership and culture’ Clifford Chance organised this jointly with the Canary Wharf Multifaith Chaplaincy. During the conversation we considered the influence of artificial intelligence on leadership and culture exploring questions such as: Is AI dehumanising the workplace? Should AI replace the workforce? Will AI stamp out or encourage diversity? If so, how can leaders use it to good effect?” We had a wonderful and distinguishes panel. Which included:

Dr Pippa Malmgren – American policy analyst, author of the Leadership Lab and founder of H Robotics: she encouraged us to reflect on whether we over-expect from AI by reference to what it can and cannot do. Heide Baumann – who posed the really important challenge, that is what does it mean to be human and what makes humans different from machines.
Peter Montagnon, associate Director of the Institute of Business Ethics, former FT correspondent, former member of the Corporate Governance Advisory Board of Norges Bank Investment Management: he reminded us of the responsibility of leaders and why this is such an important issue for good governance in a world of changing responsibilities and expectations.
The panel was chaired by Jonathan Kewley head of Clifford Chance Tech group, who skillfully enabled a lively and interesting discussion between the panelists. Giving us the audience much to think about long after the discussion had finished.

The event was videoed and it can be watched here

Postscript: It is with great sadness that the chaplaincy learned that Peter Montagnon died suddenly shortly after this event. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and colleague.