Our Values

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Everyone is capable of having good values and ethics in their working lives not just people who profess a faith.

We aim to offer a non-judgmental and safe place to help people:

  • Explore those things which worry or concern them
  • Discover and explore how beliefs can inform or give meaning to their values, including the way they do business
  • Make the changes they want to make in their professional and personal lives

The Canary Wharf Multifaith Chaplaincy believe faith can help inform values and ethics in the workplace.

Our values are informed by the ‘Common Faith Covenant’ for doing good business.

The vision for the Common Faith covenant came from senior business executives of different Abrahamic faith* groups from a variety of financial and professional services firms based in Canary, working with the Canary Wharf Multifaith Chaplaincy, assisted by the Institute of Business Ethics.

The group wanted to give a voice to people of faith that their personal and professional values were integrated and give a collective strength for their own behaviour.

The group provides an opportunity for people of faith to articulate publically that they, through their faith values, contribute to good and ethical business practices in the workplace. speak up

*Judaism, Christianity and Islam share origins in the biblical figure Abraham. While each Abrahamic faith has forged its own path, common values are shared by all. However, this is not limited to just these world faiths; it is our hope that all people of faiths will feel able to adopt this in their working lives