There is much in the news about Artificial Intelligence, almost daily. Many organisations have and are organising lectures or seminars, or panel discussions. I mentioned in our October newsletter that we hoped the share conversation with you once the panellists gave their permission you can now view the video – link here.

AI can create many opportunities for us, although future challenges too. In the video the panel discuss wide range of themes from mentioning some of the challenges and opportunities, ethical and regulatory considerations, the human dimension and the impact on the future of work.

As I reflected on the panel conversation, I began to ponder how does human knowledge come about and how do we as humans access and transfer knowledge. How do we as humans distinguish between truth and falsehood as we encounter data generated by AI. The conversation did begin to discuss as well as the great opportunities of AI, in medicine, in scientific research and public society what are the risks and has enough attention been paid to them as AI have rapidly been developed and used in may spheres.

Whilst the conversation was expansive and totally engaging it did leave me with many more questions. I look forward to more discussions and conversations as AI continues to develop and be used. One this is for certain AI is here to stay.

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did as you watch the video.