There will be no Eid prayers in the Canary Wharf Prayer Room, Muslims are encouraged to attend them at their local mosque.

Many companies have Muslim groups or societies which meet for salah (daily prayers) and for Jumu`ah (Friday prayers) in their prayer room within their buildings.

The Canary Wharf Multifaith Chaplaincy offers khatib training without cost. Contact our Muslim Chaplain if you would like to receive training in how to prepare and deliver a khutbah.

The Canary Wharf Prayer Room is open for Muslim worship as follows:

Please note there are no `Id prayers held in the Canary Wharf Multifaith Prayer Room. You are advised to locate a mosque nearby.



Monday-Thursday 14:00-15:00 for Zuhr and `Asr

Friday doors open 13:00 for adhan (call to prayer) and sunnah (individual prayers)

First Jumu`ah: khutbah 13:15, salah 13:35 (+/- 5 mins)

Second Jumu`ah: khutbah 13:40, salah 14:00 (+/- 5 mins)


Monday-Thursday 12:00-13:00 for Zuhr and `Asr

Friday doors open 12:00 for adhan (call to prayer) and sunnah (individual prayers)

First Jumu`ah: khutbah 12:25, salah 12:50 (+/- 5 mins)

Second Jumu`ah: khutbah 13:05, salah 13:30 (+/- 5 mins)