In conversation with Barbara and Ibrahim.

The windows in the shops at Canary Wharf have changed from vivid summer colours to autumn shades of Golds, Browns, Mauves and Greens. These colours reflect the countryside after the Harvest.
In the rural areas the landscape is full of those rich colours where the farmers have gathered in the crops.

What do our faith’s say about this important time of year?

In the Christian calendar we give thanks to God for those who work hard to grow and harvest the food we eat and in these times of climate change it is also a time when we give thanks to God for his creation and remember our responsibility for that creation. Muslims, though they do not have a comparable festival, also give thanks to God for the life he gives to the barren earth which in turn produces life supporting food. The Qur’an says: And We (God) have sent down blessed rain from the sky and made grow thereby gardens and grain for harvest (50:9). And God sent down rain from the sky and given thereby life to the earth after its lifelessness. Indeed in that is a sign for people who listen (16:65). It is also a time when we remember those who do not have enough to eat and traditionally Christians bring items of food to the Harvest Festival, which will then be distributed amongst those in need in our communities.