You may have spotted that the Canary Wharf Multifaith Chaplaincy team has gained a new member recently, that’s me Barbara. I joined the team at the beginning of September, so you might have already seen me around the Canary Wharf estate. As chaplain I will be hanging around the Retail Malls as my role is to work specifically with shop, restaurant and café workers and I look forward to working with Geoff the volunteer chaplain to retail.

Part of my role will be to build on the wonderful work of Geoff and create a larger team of multifaith volunteers to support our work, as the retail provision on the estate continues to grow. I look forward to using my previous experience of setting up and managing a team of retail chaplains in Romford. I feel very excited to be joining and being part of the very experienced team here.

I know that there are many uncertainties facing the retail sector in today’s changing world and I will be looking at ways we as a team can support staff during those challenges. I also recognize the merits of working in such a vibrant and busy place and I already feel at home here.

Please stop me and say hello as you see me walking about on my own (and sometimes shopping) or with my colleagues from the Chaplaincy. I look forward to meeting you all.