In conversation with Ibrahim Mogra, Muslim Chaplain

“Given the expertise of the chaplains within the Canary Wharf Multifaith Chaplaincy team we have embarked on being a resource for the training of Muslim chaplains. Through the work of Ibrahim Mogra our Muslim Chaplain we have partnered with the Ebrahim College, a Muslim theological college in Whitechapel. In January our chaplaincy team took part in a panel discussion with their students and the following week our new lead retail chaplain, Revd Barbara Hume joined a multi-disciplinary panel of chaplains. Later in May, some of the students will be joining trainee vicars for a full day training conference at Barclays. They will be learning about the business and corporate world and how faith can play a positive role in the lives of people here by honoring God in the workplace.
To prepare for this later visit, on Monday 25th February 13 students from the college spent the morning on estate to familiarize themselves with it, only one of them had visited Canary Wharf before – she was 10 at the time! They assembled in Jubilee Plaza before proceeding to collect their passes from 1 Canada Square. After a briefing on level 10, they were ‘let loose’ on a ‘treasure hunt’ and were given a list of buildings, sculptures, shops and restaurants and other places that they had to find. They said it was difficult but a lot of fun! Of course, they were required to take some photos as proof. Later they met with Mr Habib Motani a senior lawyer at Clifford Chance and learned about his work. They were full of questions which he graciously answered. He treated them to tea and freshly baked cookies – that made their day! We look forward to welcoming them again in May.”